Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It always surprises me when I find one of my paintings used on another website - I just found this one on a religious website 'Fight Fair: How To Argue Without Destroying Others (and yourself)'. 
                                           'Apples on a Silver plate'  1993

                                                 New Paintings
Recently, I have been spending time experimenting with different painting surfaces  - Baltic birch, mounted linen, Masonite, etc.  The Baltic birch panel seems to be my surface of choice for small oil paintings.  Mounted linen on board is a good 2nd choice.  Painting on Masonite is my least favorite as it lacks 'tooth' and it's like painting on glass.

8x10 in. knife painting - oil on Baltic birch
                                                         This was so much fun to paint

                                      7x5 in. oil knife painting on linen on board

                                   7x5 in oil knife painting on linen on board

6x6 in oil on cradled birch panel
                                          6x6 in. oil on cradled birch panel
                                           7x5 in. oil on cradled birch panell

7x5 in. oil on Baltic birch panel

8x10 in on Baltic birch panel